Alaskan Bush Adventures


The adventures of the Alaskan Bush.

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A book on Alaska Bush Adventures and the stories that go along with it.

There is a vast expanse of wilderness that lies within the borders of the United States – a land where there are no roads, malls and no power lines stretching across the horizon. Instead, nature is on display in all its glory. With forest, meadows, river basins, lakes and mountains – the variety is as diverse at the expanse of land itself. This is Alaska, the Great Land. Within these wild stretches of Alaska lie small, scattered, remote villages which are home to various ethnic groups of Alaskan Natives.

In the spring of 1990, Don and his wife moved to one of these isolated villages to begin a church planting ministry. Lafe and ministry were within the realm of this setting there were lessons learned from the elders and from the land. During this time of ministry, there were also lessons learned from the Lord. The author shares these times of life lessons and spiritual growth in the tradition of the culture: stories. These stories of life and ministry share the tragedies and the triumphs sprinkled with grief and laughter. The author uses stories to instruct, encourage and challenge you as he unfolds them in the real-life setting of the Alaskan bush.

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