Not all students are going to be pilots, mechanics, or engineers but our program pushes students to be the best at what they are created to be.

We are committed to providing the best aviation courses on the market. We are lifelong learners and we want to pass on that passion to our students. We want to begin where the students are and take them to heights they never dreamed possible.

“When fears are grounded, dreams take flight.”


The thrill of flight can ignite in a student the desire to learn.  Working hands on in the field of aviation builds confidence that transfers to any career.  We have had some students go on to get their pilot or mechanic ratings, others have gone into different fields, such as nursing or water treatment. One of our greatest successes is a student who completed the program and went on to get his private pilot and aircraft mechanic certificates. He has since rejoined Av-STEM and works as an instructor in McGrath, Alaska.

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