Aviation education for middle school and high school that encompasses science, technology, engineering, and math. Never before has education been so accessible and easily understood, while being so incredibly fun.

A Kind Word From Our Students and Parents

As homeschooling parents, my wife and I invested in the AV-STEM course on behalf of our daughter Emma who dreams of becoming a C-130 Pilot in the Air Force. Emma started the course as an 11 year-old and had no problem comprehending the content….

A Wild Alaskan Education Adventure

Educational Excellence

“My son said, “I love math”, as a result of your program.

Aviation Adventure

Real life adventure can be a part of your education, now.

Ready to take off!

Our introduction to aviation course is the place to start.

Be introduced to the exciting world of aviation in the wild Alaskan back country. This is the foundation for every other course we offer. Click here to get things rolling.

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